Primary Care Workforce Education


Today, we're proud to announce that Qtopia, in collaboration with PATHA and the Goodfellow Unit, has been contracted by te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand to provide a national workforce development project around gender diversity and gender affirming care in primary care!

This four-year contract will take our current health workforce offerings and develop them further in collaboration with clinicians and community members around the country.

This primary care education programme will be delivered in large group sessions around the country; via an online learning platform; via in-practice sessions for GPs and primary care teams; and will include in-depth learning for practitioners looking to begin prescribing gender-affirming hormone therapy in primary care.

The confirmation of this contract with te Whatu Ora is the culmination of years of work from a number of contributors, including Alice Andersen, who designed our initial education programme, and Jennifer Shields, who developed it further for healthcare practitioners and services.

There will be ample opportunity for input into the programme from trans and non-binary community members alongside clinicians - keep an eye out for further information.

For questions about this project, or to enquire about training for your service or practice, reach out to us at